Get placed or get refund

The fees for our digital marketing training course is ₹20,000. You can pay it in 2 installments. 

  • First installment : On 3rd day of training
  • Second installment : On 15th day of training

We wish to say that the fees is non negotiable and the installment amount or schedule is non changeable.

The training duration is 45 days, but it will be extended or shrinked according to your requirements. We will send you for interviews after the 30th day of training.

The quality of education, training that you are going to get here is the secret of our refund policy. We are pretty sure that you will be satisfied and you can easily crack any technical round of interview with ease. 

However if you fail to crack any technical interview, we consider it our fault and will be happy to refund your 50% fees. Remember, the policy is valid only if you fail in technical round, not in other rounds.