Media Services in Pune


At Seo hungry, we’re dedicated to providing mid-size businesses and boutique ad agencies with precisely targeted, strategically based media plans and cost effective TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor and Online media buys at below market rates. 

What makes Seo hungry different is our agility and flexibility to respond to your specific needs and objectives.  Regardless of the size of your budget, the complexity of your objectives, or lead time, we will design and flawlessly execute a TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Online, or Mobile media campaign that will exceed your expectations and deliver increased sales.

Digital Media Services in Pune

When it comes to digital media, the consumer is in control.  Digital media is all about creating strong and relevant connections between the prospect and the brand.  We see the real opportunity with digital media as being able to create engagement between prospects and products and providing the motivation to create sales. 

At Seo hungry, we employ a disciplined approach to finding the most relevant, powerful, and engaging media options.  

We are Google AdWords certified and are experienced with Video and Rich Media.  Our approach is to create targeted campaigns with publisher direct and programmatic ad buying to increase reach and frequency on relevant sites while keeping media costs to a minimum.

We vigilantly monitor performance and optimize our campaigns to generate the best results and the best return on investment for our clients.