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What’s more, you won’t have to deal with annoying chain noise and neither will you see any wax build-up which could attract a lot of dust and grime and lead to a real mess. It is formulated with PTFE as well as a blend of oils which will penetrate the chain parts, displace water and grime, and leave behind a protective film that will keep away rust and dirt. The applicator bottle is very easy to use and the drip system will enable you to put lube on the bike really fast.

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  • But secondly, if you can’t use the lube alternative in a pinch, it’s not good for much.
  • I’ve taken one of the joints apart, and it was a bit cruddy, to be honest.
  • It makes sense—the internet is filled with coconut-oil hacks galore, and sometimes it seems like liquid gold that can make absolutely anything better.

Tactile switches have a small tactile bump with each keystroke, so will lubing the switch ruin the tactility? Lubing your tactile switches will get rid of the scratchiness at the tactile bump, so it will improve the sound and feel of the switch. There are different types of switches and they all are impacted differently by the lubricant. The three main types of switch actuation are linear, tactile, and clicky, we linked an article to help explain the difference if you’re not sure what that means. You can make parts that scratch against each other rub smoothly and more quietly. Your switches and stabilizers can both really benefit from lubrication as they are are constantly moving and rubbing when you enter a keystroke.

This lubrication is too dense for most cases unless you ride every day in the rain. With the growing popularity of natural products in the sphere of health and food, it is only self-evident that natural lube options are more favored than the other synthetic options available out there. Although it is best to purchase and use water-based or silicone-based lubricants, there are alternatives people can consider if they are unable to do this. These include aloe vera, yogurt, olive oil, and virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil contains anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.

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SYN3 is formulated for use in Harley-Davidson Evolution® XL, Evolution 1340, Twin Cam® and Revolution-equipped models and all Buell® models. Can SYN3 be used in ShovelheadTMengines, 4-speed Big Twin transmissions, and early Shovelhead 5-speed transmissions? Harley-Davidson did not test SYN3 in these engine configurations. There are a multitude of tests that must be completed before a lubricant can be certified for use in Harley-Davidson engines, primary chaincases and transmissions. Many of these tests require that the components be brand new, and the required quantity of new powertrains for testing and validation could not be procured.

Can You Use Silicone Oil On Hair Clippers?

You will DEFINITELY notice the difference about ten seconds after you ride off with Amsoil in your bike. And after a thousand miles of riding, you’ll notice that you DON’T have to add 1/2 quart of oil in between oil changes because Amsoil is a LOT less volatile. What is the best chain and gear lubricant used by pro cyclists either for maintenance or for racing and how often is it recommended to apply? I have limited knowledge and so I have always simply used a product named Castrol EP 90. As a long-time gun owner, you probably already know the importance of lubricating and cleaning your guns from time to time. This process will not only increase the longevity of your firearms, but it will also make them perform in peak condition.


The silicone drip oil is an option if you want to lube up a bunch of o-rings at once, and fast. Professional power wash contractorsuse lube on hose connections and o-rings to make installation easier and to protect the o-ring from damage. It is also used during pump repair and assembly to help install the unloader valve. Fountain and other pen enthusiasts and repair professionals love to take apart and tinker with their often expensive pens. In the process they come into contact with latex sacs, rubber seals & o-rings and ebonite pistons/feeds/barrels.

In your final drive the gears are re-bathed in oil every revolution. Moly additive in a grease does nothing in the drive pins. Moly is a very high pressure lubricant, great for gears that exert high pressure on each other. This silicone-based lube comes in such an elegant bottle that you can place it on display next to your perfumes.

Motorcycle Chain Lube Key Features

Another product that’s commonly used and super easy to access is Quick Detailer. Using the best lubricants will allow your clay to slide across the surface picking up any stubborn contaminants while preventing your clay from scratching. I find it works better on older 9 speed stuff but affects the quality of shifting on my 11 speed stuff as it limits the side flex in the chain. Chiefgrooveguru – Some people do race mountain bikes occasionally I hear, and of course most of this forums members are just closet roadies. Solvent wax lubes have all of the benefits of melting wax; except the sense that you’re a member of some niche anarchists cookbook of a cyclist and are creating magic in your shed. Tjagain – I have used one bottle of smoove for something like a year.

Certain caution is advised while using them as they may interfere with condoms just the same as coconut oil. If you don’t have an empty spray bottle at hand, you can resort to using a wash bucket and mittto spread the soapy water on the car before using the clay bar. If you are going to use this method I suggest working on one panel at a time and re-applying the soapy mixture frequently as you clay. Polyisoprene condoms are just as sensitive to oil products. Mineral oil, baby oil, petroleum jelly, and natural oils will damage these condoms and cause them to break. These test results don’t tell us anything about how well these lubricants will perform in other applications.

Never, just put your gun inside of a case and think it is going to be safe from corrosion and buildup, because it will not. One application will be enough to protect the firearm for weeks or even months. The Wilson Combat 5772 Ultima-Lube II Oil is made out of a mixture of synthetic lubricants and petroleum. These ingredients work together to provide optimal performance of any type of firearm. Considering the pros and cons of petroleum jelly as a lubricant, it is best not to use it as lubrication, especially during sexual intercourse.

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